[MlMt] Suggested way to quickly find all messages to and from given email adress?

Carl Wernhoff carl at wernhoff.com
Sun Jul 14 13:53:13 EDT 2019

This is a very typical and common task for me. In order to take som 
action, I need to see all meassages, in and out, involving a specific 
email address or (also common) a specific domain.

I haven't so far found a quick and easy way to do this.

There is no search modifier for "correspondent" - using modifiers would 
lead to the cumbersome "t a at b.com OR f a at b.com". A modifier "c" or 
similar, meaning "any address", would solve the problem. As far as I 
have understood, there is no way for the user to customize the default 
(and quiet few) search modifiers.

I'm coming from Thunderbird, where I used the quick filter for this and 
similar tasks all the time: entering the email address or the domain, 
activating buttons "Sender" and "Recipients" - done.

Any suggestions? Any way to set up something that would helpt me?

(Note: for the mailbox I use the most, I have always bcc-ed myself. So 
both received and sent messages will be in that folder.)

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