[MlMt] Links to email messages

John Cooper mailmate at coopercontent.com
Thu Jan 31 10:37:05 EST 2019

Florian Heidenreich wrote (at 2:23 on 31 Jan 2019):

> I’m often keeping track of specific conversations by creating a link 
> to a specific email in another program by dragging the email to this 
> program.

This is meant as a general question, and not something for Florian alone 
to answer: would you describe a situation in which you use this kind of 

As it happens, in thirty years of using email, I've never used this 
particular function, and I'm wondering about its possibilities.

There would seem to be certain limitations. For example, you wouldn't 
share this link with anyone else, because they wouldn't be able to 
resolve it. The target message would also have to be retained on the 
local system somewhere, right? Would the link continue to work even if 
the message is in the Trash folder?

Given that the links are effectively unsharable, the only use I can 
think of offhand would be in lists or databases. But MailMate's smart 
folders are so flexible that I can't think of why you wouldn't just set 
one up in MailMate that would work just as well as an external program. 

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