[MlMt] Question on different pasteboard contents at drag'n'drop

Florian Heidenreich fheidenreich at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 05:23:17 EST 2019


I’m often keeping track of specific conversations by creating a link 
to a specific email in another program by dragging the email to this 

This often works as expected and creates a message://%3c… link in the 
other program. But about the same time, it doesn’t work as expected 
and I always thought, it has something to do with the target program. 
However, I’ve finally took the time to inspect the „Drag 
Clipboard“ contents using the 
example app from Apple.

For some emails MailMate creates items like

- public.url-name
- 'urln'
- public.utf8-plain-text
- NSStringPboardType

but for others it doesn’t. Unfortunately, I don’t see the pattern.

Can anyone shed some light into this?

Kind regards
— Florian
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