[MlMt] no link created for todoist

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Wed Jan 30 08:22:08 EST 2019

On 27 Jan 2019, at 21:37, Robert Brenstein wrote:

> I am using the bundle to integrate MM with ToDoIst. I am really happy 
> with it and use it multiple times a day. Once in a blue moon, I get an 
> email for which the integration malfunctions. I just got another such 
> case and finally decided to ask the group. This is repeatable 100% for 
> a given message. I use the Add command as usual, but what I get is no 
> text where normally the subject followed by the msg link is. I mean 
> the new task dialog shows up as it normally would, but it is not 
> pre-filled with anything. Any ideas?

Probably something with the syntax is triggering either MailMate or 
Todoist to fail. You can send me an example using “Help ▸ Send 
Feedback” (and drag the example into the email to attach it).


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