[MlMt] Removal of Mail Attachments

Robert Brenstein mailmate at learning-insights.eu
Wed Jan 30 06:49:03 EST 2019

No that I know of. I mean removing attachments in bulk. This would have 
to be done as a rule of a smart mailbox but I do not see such an action. 
Admittedly, it is a tad odd request but I guess you must have a good 
reason for it. May be Benny has some other idea.


On 30 Jan 2019, at 4:30, Jack Stewart wrote:

> Thank you Robert.
> Do you happen to know if it can do bulk attachment removal, e.g. all 
> of the attachments within a single mailbox with a single command?
> I am a very long term POP user toying with the idea of going to 
> Mailmate and am approaching it very cautiously because, for my own 
> purposes, I see more disadvantages than advantages to going from POP 
> to IMAP. I'm trying to justify the move anyway because I see a lot to 
> like about the Mailmate client except that it doesn't handle POP.
> Thank you for your help Robert,
> Jack
> On 1/30/19, Robert Brenstein said ……
>> On 29 Jan 2019, at 17:48, Jack Stewart wrote:
>>> Does Mailmate have the ability to remove received mail attachments?
>> Right click on the attachment name and you should get a popup, one of 
>> the items being remove attachment.
>> Robert
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