[MlMt] SaneBox: Subscription or Tags?

Lisa Sieverts lisa at lisasieverts.com
Tue Jan 29 15:24:57 EST 2019

New MailMate user here. I’m asking this question because I think it 
will help me understand MailMate more deeply.

I use SaneBox against a GoogleApps Gmail Account (actually, a couple of 

What is the best practice for configuring MailMate to take advantage of 
the SaneBox labels (@SaneNews, @SaneLater, etc.)?

I think what I want is for the labels that are automatically added in 
Gmail to also be added in MailMate, but I’m not seeing the results I 
expect in that almost no messages are showing up with the tags.

Here’s my tags configuration

![](cid:50BE428B-1625-401E-BE73-38B320AB9471 at lisasieverts.com 

Should I be subscribing to the @SaneLater, etc. mailboxes instead of 
using Tags in this way?

All help is appreciated.


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