[MlMt] Installing gpg2 via homebrew?

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Sun Jan 27 20:08:52 EST 2019

 From: Benny Kjær Nielsen <mailinglist at freron.com>
Subject: Re: [MlMt] Installing gpg2 via homebrew?
Date: 24 January 2019 at 23:13

> > I just switched the MailMate list delivery to digest – and now I 
> get in MailMate a complaint about gpg2 which I do not have installed.

> There's a known bug which can make this appear even if you have not 
> enabled OpenPGP in the Security preferences pane. This might have been 
> triggered here too.

Thanks for this detail!

Indeed, I do *not* have ticked OpenPGP (on none of my computers). 
Strange thing is, that it happens only on my laptop with High Sierra, 
while on the iMac with El Capitan I do not get the warning.

> > The Help pages say I should install it via the GPGTools, but 
> whenever possible I try to install command line tools via Homebrew. 
> brew lists a gpg2 formula as installable – is this save to use for 
> MailMate? Do I have to hint to MailMate somehow where the tool is 
> installed?

> I believe it works, but currently you have to symlink the path 
> MailMate expects to find gpg2 (/usr/local/MacGPG2/bin/gpg2). Some day 
> I'll make this more flexible.

How about setting the hidden preference for the path like mentioned on 
this list in 2015?:

defaults write com.freron.MailMate environmentVariables -array '{ 
enabled =
:true;  name = "MM_GPG"; value = "/usr/local/bin/gpg2"; }'

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