[MlMt] IMAP keywords, misusage

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Fri Jan 18 10:21:45 EST 2019

On 17 Jan 2019, at 22:26, Mike Brasch wrote:

> I use [DavMail](http://davmail.sourceforge.net/) as a 
> IMAP/SMTP-Exchange gateway. It runs in the background and Mailmate 
> talks to it. In the MailMate account settings, use localhost as the 
> server adress with the credentials of your Exchange.
> This setup works nice for me. DavMail translates IMAP keywords to 
> Exchange categories and vice versa, which is the main reason for me to 
> use it.

Does this work reliably for you?

I've been holding back on recommending DavMail, because a few years ago 
it seemed to be abandoned software (based on the still somewhat outdated 
homepage). I can see now that it's regularly updated and I'm happy to 
see that it appears it also supports OAuth2 for `office365.com` 
something MailMate cannot do via IMAP (as far as I know). This could 
help MailMate users forced to use both `office365.com` and two-factor 
authentication. The release notes are 

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