[MlMt] JMAP support

Sam Hathaway list.mailmate at munkynet.org
Mon Jan 14 13:01:19 EST 2019

On 11 Jan 2019, at 16:14, davecc0000 wrote:

>> On Jan 11, 2019, at 12:10 PM, Sam Hathaway 
>> <list.mailmate at munkynet.org> wrote:
>> If coordinated right, it would centralize the thankless work of 
>> kludging around nonstandard, broken IMAP server implementations. 
>> Imagine if, instead of each MUA author having to develop, test, and 
>> maintain dozens of ugly hacks, they were collaborating to improve a 
>> single JMAP proxy codebase that all could use.
> Puts 1 more level of responsibility in the chain. If users have mail 
> issues, no matter how responsive and responsible the client developer 
> is, they can only say “We’ve contacted the proxy developer. 
> You’ll just have to wait.”

Not necessarily. But you seem dead set against anything but the status 
quo so I give up.

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