[MlMt] slow/laggy UI behavior after updating from 10.13.6 -> 10.14.2

Michael Dunston mdunston at music.vt.edu
Fri Jan 11 16:40:03 EST 2019

I updated my Mid-2014 MBP (SSD, w/ 16GB RAM) from MacOS 10.13.6 -> 
10.14.2 earlier today and the Mailmate UI now appears to be considerably 
slower than it was this morning before the OS upgrade.  There appears to 
be a nearly 1-second delay when clicking to change mailboxes, and even 
typing into a new message window is laggy enough that I get several 
letters (or words) ahead before the typed input actually appears.  (and 
for the record, I’m not that fast of a typist)  I do have about 340K 
messages across 12 accounts with a fairly large number of mailboxes, but 
I didn’t see this behavior before the 10.13.6 -> 10.14.2 upgrade, and 
other text-focused apps (BBEdit, PhpStorm, Pages etc.) are not 
exhibiting this behavior at all.  (nor does Activity Monitor or top show 
anything unusual)  Has anyone else experienced this by any chance, or 
are there any recommendations on the best way to troubleshoot this?  
Thanks for any suggestions!

-- Michael Dunston
-- Recording and Production
-- School of Performing Arts Music | Theatre | Cinema

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