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Fri Jan 11 10:07:27 EST 2019

On 28 Dec 2018, at 19:12, Bill Cole wrote:

> With that said, I HOPE Benny resists the urge to implement JMAP in 
> MailMate...

It's actually easy to resist, because I have very little to gain from 
implementing it. Users would still require MailMate to work with all 
kinds of IMAP servers (including some very buggy ones). Three things 
could happen which could make me focus on a JMAP implementation:

* All IMAP servers also supported JMAP (this is never going to happen).
* JMAP-only servers (more likely to happen, but probably not in a long 
time and in that case I would probably gain more by supporting native 
Exchange — which is also *not* on my todo).
* The availability of a JMAP-proxy implementation which could be 
embedded in MailMate to handle *all* IMAP servers. Then MailMate would 
only need to talk to the JMAP proxy.

The last one is maybe the most likely one, but given the complexity of 
the current IMAP implementation (in order to handle all kinds of issues) 
I kind of doubt that it's possible. A proxy which only works well with 
some IMAP servers is currently of little use to me.

Note: This does not mean that I think JMAP is a bad idea. It's just not 
for MailMate yet.

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