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On 26 Dec 2018, at 17:32, Randall Gellens wrote:

> On 26 Dec 2018, at 6:38, Steven M. Bellovin wrote:
>> On 25 Dec 2018, at 22:13, Randall Gellens wrote:
>>> When the displayed count for a mailbox is "Recent," what does MM 
>>> count?

It counts emails having the IMAP `\Recent` flag. This is not as useful 
as it might seem to be.

>>> I would like to suggest that there be an option for the count to be 
>>> "Unread messages that have arrived in the past [count] [unit]" where 
>>> count and unit are settings (global or per-account or per-mailbox).  
>>> For example, setting count to 7 and unit to days would count unread 
>>> messages that arrived in the past week.
>> I use a smart folder for recent unread messages.
> Sure, I could do that, and I can see that being especially useful in 
> certain cases, but to do that universally would mean twice as many 
> mailboxes as I now have, and also mentally ignoring every actual 
> mailbox and only paying attention to the smart mailboxes.  Since MM 
> has a count and allows changing what the count is counting, it seems 
> reasonable to request that it count unread "recent" for reasonable 
> values of "recent."

I believe I understand what you would like to do. I'm going to consider 
it a request for something more general, that is, being able to define 
custom counters (low-level I actually think this is already possible).

Maybe the most “intuitive” way would be to have a menu item in the 
Displayed Count allowing one to count whatever intersects with some 
other mailbox. For example:

	Displayed Count ▸ ...
                       Also in Mailbox ▸ ...

That would allow you to use any smart mailbox you have defined.

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