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(Sorry about the late reply. I'm now back from vacation and I'll be 
trying to get through the 100+ messages on the mailing list within the 
next few hours.)

On 18 Dec 2018, at 19:01, Dave C wrote:

>>> My problem—since I first started using MailMate—is with the Sent 
>>> Messages. In all the smart mailboxes, whenever I reply to a message, 
>>> 2 copies of the reply appear in the appropriate mailbox. I’ve 
>>> fiddled with the rules in each but can’t find the cause of these 
>>> duplicates.
>> Can you add a column showing the Mailbox where the found message 
>> copies are located?
> The duplicate message in the mailbox originates in the Sent Mail for 
> that account (Gmail).
> How do I keep this message from appearing in Smart mailboxes other 
> than the Sent Mail mailbox?

Gmail doesn't really allow duplicates, but an email can have multiple 
labels resulting in duplicates in MailMate (more about Gmail 

I suspect maybe MailMate uses a different mailbox for sent messages than 
the default one for Gmail. Could you make sure that MailMate uses 
“[Gmail]/Sent Mail”? (Click on this mailbox under Sources and then 
check “Mailbox ▸ Mailbox Type”.)

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