[MlMt] 'Send' via keyboard?

Jason Davies ophiochoslists at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 14:26:57 EST 2019

Just to confirm, as I said, that I created a new message, populated it 
with basics, and clicked on the menu (and did nothing else such as 
queuing it to send, retrieving it in drafts and opening it to edit!)

I'll try to work out the variables so it can be reliably reproduced.


On 9 Jan 2019, at 14:55, Robert Brenstein wrote:

> On 9 Jan 2019, at 15:37, Jason Davies wrote:
>> On 9 Jan 2019, at 13:13, Sam Hathaway wrote:
>>> I use Cmd-Shift-D to send. I don’t know what you mean about the 
>>> “default delay” though.
>>> -sam
>> [See screenshot (if list permits it).]
>> It was put into 'pending' so I'll summarise.
>> I created a new message, wrote my email address in 'to'  and a 
>> subject, tabbed to the message body and clicked on Message menu. I 
>> was offered 'Cancel Send' and 'Edit as New Message' (as if I had a 
>> queued message selected). 'Send' and 'Send Now' were not offered.
>> Since I've established this isn't the normal behaviour I'll try to 
>> work out what's going on here.  (I note this message was doing the 
>> same thing at first but when I tried again, the right menu items were 
>> appearing).
>> Thanks
>> J
> Cancel Send shows only, as far as I know, when the message is queued 
> for sending. That would mean that you actually executed Send and you 
> were within your default delay (message was in drafts pending for 
> sending). Cancel Send will change to Send Now if you press the control 
> key.
> Robert

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