[MlMt] Non MM related question about email hosting and web hosting

John Cooper mailmate at coopercontent.com
Sat Jan 5 14:11:45 EST 2019

Bharath M Palavalli wrote (at 9:57 on 5 Jan 2019):

> Dear All,
> A quick question about your current preferences on an email host and 
> simple web host for personal, non-commercial use.
> My requirements are as follows,
> - An email host/service provider that I can trust to provide IMAP 
> service, aliases, use of special chars such as ‘+’ in email 
> addresses, own domain, 2FA (if possible) and catch-all (if possible) 
> without downtime.
> - My mailbox is currently at around 7GB and will not grow beyond 25GB.
> E-mail
> - Gandi.net
> - pobox.com/fastmail.com (from the same group but with minor changes 
> between the two)
> - thexyz.com
> - ProtonMail
> Please do let me know if any of you use these services currently.

I have been using Pobox.com/Fastmail.com since 1999 with no problems or 
complaints. I use my own domain, and any mail sent to an address at that 
domain comes to the same mailbox. (This allows me to give every 
correspondent a unique email address without the use of special 
characters.) Their spam filters work very well with little 
configuration. However, because I archive my email annually and keep 
only the most recent 2 years' messages on the IMAP servers, I can't 
testify how well they work with mailboxes over 1 or 2 GB. They have 
always been responsive and helpful, both before and after the merge with 

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