[MlMt] Non MM related question about email hosting and web hosting

Bharath M Palavalli mail at bharathpalavalli.com
Sat Jan 5 12:57:46 EST 2019

Dear All,

A quick question about your current preferences on an email host and 
simple web host for personal, non-commercial use.

My requirements are as follows,

- Due to logistical reasons I cannot self-host a box at home. Also, I 
would like to host my email and the static website with two different 
providers as a failsafe.
- A host for the static website (for the website in the link below).
- The static website is a personal website with negligible traffic 
- An email host/service provider that I can trust to provide IMAP 
service, aliases, use of special chars such as ‘+’ in email 
addresses, own domain, 2FA (if possible) and catch-all (if possible) 
without downtime.
- My mailbox is currently at around 7GB and will not grow beyond 25GB.
- A service provider that should have been around for a decade or more 
(not that it would guarantee that they would be around in the future, 
but being around a decade or more would suggest that they might be 
around for more than a decade).
- In terms of price, I am looking to ensure that the combination of 
domain registration, web hosting and email service is between USD 70 and 
USD 100.

Based on the current requirements, the following seem to be my options,

- NearlyFreeSpeech.net
- Heroku
- S3
- prq.se


- Gandi.net
- pobox.com/fastmail.com (from the same group but with minor changes 
between the two)
- thexyz.com
- ProtonMail

Please do let me know if any of you use these services currently.

Thank you,

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