[MlMt] dealing with large mailboxes

Patrik Fältström paf at frobbit.se
Tue Jan 1 16:05:43 EST 2019

On 1 Jan 2019, at 21:48, Randy Bush wrote:

> so my SO keeps all sent mail etc.  the ~/mail/Sent folder has 97,000 messages going back to 2000 or so.  mailmate is starting to choke and fail every few days.
> if she creates ~/mail/old/Sent mailmate will still see and have to deal with it.
> how are folk dealing with this?

I have a 2nd IMAP account that I move mail to. That account do have all mail, in folders by year and month. Not more than 15-20k/mailbox, but tons of mailboxes. Easy to search still.

I.e. I deal with it by splitting into multiple mailboxes.

Why I have two accounts? Well, so that when I do normal search I only search in the "recent email" IMAP server while "search all mail" will search also the backup map account with the large number of email.

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