[MlMt] Handling project-based e-mails

David Shepherdson david at shepherdson.name
Wed Dec 25 16:28:29 EST 2019

On 25 Dec 2019, at 08.51, David Ledger wrote:

> If it’s in the Inbox it will appear in the Inbox. The only way for 
> it not to appear in the Inbox is to move it out of there with a real 
> filter, not a ‘Smart Mailbox’.

That’s not strictly true. If you use the ‘Edit Mailbox…’ command 
on the Inbox (the one under Mailboxes, not the one in Sources), there is 
a Conditions tab where you can specify which messages should/shouldn’t 
appear. For example, I have mine configured not to display Flagged 
messages (since I use a separate smart mailbox to see them). However, 
what that doesn’t give you is the ‘Mailboxes’ tab (which is indeed 
only for smart mailboxes), which is where you could say ‘don’t show 
messages that are in this other mailbox’.

So I’d say your best bets are probably either to make a smart mailbox 
that you can use as your inbox (and, for example, drag it to the top of 
the list, while dragging the ‘actual’ inbox somewhere else out of 
the way), where you *could* use the Mailboxes tab to specify not to show 
anything that is in certain other mailboxes; or, to modify your other 
mailboxes so they use the Rules tab to add a tag to any messages they 
contain, and then use the Conditions tab on your actual inbox to set it 
not to show messages with those tags.


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