[MlMt] Moving folders in the UI

Sam Hathaway list.mailmate at munkynet.org
Mon Dec 23 14:36:20 EST 2019

On 23 Dec 2019, at 14:21, Charlie Clark wrote:

> Exactly that: I select a folder, as I would in Finder, and then no 
> matter what I try I can never move the folder, it only changes 
> selection. This could be some trackpad thing, because I normally use a 
> mouse or graphic tablet, but I assume I'm just missing something 
> simple. %-)

I use a trackpad and I can drag folders just fine with MailMate build 
6146. However, I’ve noticed that MailMate only lets me drag folders 
that are _not_ automatically-generated “submailboxes” of smart 
folders. With submailboxes it behaves exactly as you describe.

Hope this helps.
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