[MlMt] Handling project-based e-mails

Charlie Clark charlie at begeistert.org
Sun Dec 22 06:04:08 EST 2019

On 19 Dec 2019, at 22:55, Scott wrote:
Replying to list, in case other people are interested.

> I don't have quite the same use case as you, but, I solved a similar 
> problem by not relying on MailMate, but, by focussing on Sieve and 
> THEN MailMate.
> I use FastMail for may email, and was able to use a variety of Sieve 
> detection rules to add my own headers, change headers, and so on.
> With those changed/added/whatever headers, making Smart Mailboxes in 
> MailMate was a LOT easier.  MailMate finds these headers and lets you 
> use them for searching and Smart Mailbox creation.
> I did this, in part, to ensure that other email clients would also 
> have a shot at preserving filtering of content -- MailMate is what I 
> use most of the time, but, I also use Preside on iOS and sometimes 
> Mail.app.  Preside can also do a lot of the Smart Mailbox stuff that I 
> like in MailMate, so, again, having the server do "tagging" based upon 
> header manipulation really, really helped.
> Not quite what you want, but, may be worth pursuing.

I suspect that I'm going to have to do something like this but, with a 
little more support from MailMate, I'd be much happier. For example, it 
would be really nice to have some way of easily excluding mails from 
mailboxes that have already been filtered.


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