[MlMt] Handling project-based e-mails

Charlie Clark charlie at begeistert.org
Thu Dec 19 13:52:45 EST 2019


to some extent this rehashes some of a discussion I had in October when 
I first started using MailMate. I have several e-mail accounts for 
completely different tasks and I don't use e-mail exclusively to look at 
my e-mail. As a result I'd like to be able to move or hide e-mail from 
the relevant inboxes of my accounts to dedicated folders.

Now, I've been using variants of Smart Mailboxes for years, and they're 
one of the reasons I've started using MailMate but, I can't seem to be 
able set them up to work as I would like, or as I'm used to. I'm sure 
I'm not the only one in this position so I'm open to advice.

For example, I have an open source project (openpyxl if anyone's 
interested) that receives e-mail from a mailing list but also bug 
reports, CI reports, pull requests and relevant e-mail from the working 
group, ie. a very heterogeneous set of mails that I would like to be 
able to group in folders in one folder. I've managed to create a generic 
folder by adding a smart mailbox and removing all criteria. I can then 
put my defined smart mailboxes in this folder. But I have no easy way of 
tagging all the relevant e-mails so that I can set an ignore flag for 
them in the relevant account inbox. Instead I set the same rule for each 
smart mailbox to tag the e-mails and I have a filter for this tag on the 
account inbox. This works fine but is somewhat cumbersome, certainly 
more so than the way I used to do this in Opera Mail, which had handy 
options for ignoring things like mailing lists in views.

I'd like to be able to set up something similar for a customer project 
where I could have a general filter for the company name, smart 
mailboxes for individual contacts and some more smart mailboxes for 
system notifications (task assignments, document updates, etc.). And 
before I embark on the same approach I've adopted with openpyxl I think 
I must be missing something obvious!

If there is one, and preferably only one, obvious way to do this then 
I'm all ears and I also think it would be an excellent addition to the 
documentation, which would then be a great advert for the program.

One thing I know I'll probably have to do is use IMAP folders if I want 
to keep my inbox clean in other mail programs (currently FairMail for 
Android), but that's not a huge problem.

Thanks for your suggestions! Preferably in the form of a how-to that we 
might add to the docs.


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