[MlMt] can I create a non-smart mailbox?

Glenn Parker glenn.parker at comcast.net
Sat Dec 21 13:01:16 EST 2019

MailMate’s smart folders are really just a clever ways to sort and 
view your messages. They are, in effect, virtual folders that are only 
visible within your local MailMate environment. However, MailMate is an 
IMAP email client (instead of POP) and the IMAP system supports the 
creation of real folders on the mail server side. Using IMAP folders, 
you can change the organization of messages on the server, and the 
folders will be accessible via any IMAP mail client, not just MailMate 
(for example, if you read email with an IMAP-capable mobile app, 
you’ll see these folders there as well).

To create an IMAP folder in MailMate, go to the “Sources” section at 
the lower left of your main mail window, then right-click on your IMAP 
account (probably the domain name of your email provider) and select 
[New IMAP Mailbox in “YOUR-ACCOUNT”…] from the popup menu. This 
will instantly create a new folder labeled “Unnamed” at the bottom 
of your list of mail folders. Click on the name to rename the folder, 
then drag the folder to reposition it at a suitable spot in your list of 
folders. You can drag any existing message into (or out of) this folder. 
It’s a real, permanent folder, which can also have new “smart” 
folders created within it if you like.

You can create one or more rules to automatically move messages from 
your INBOX  as they are received directly into an IMAP folder. This may 
make it easier to keep messages sorted correctly. You just need to 
remember to check for new messages in your other IMAP folders. Once you 
configure some INBOX rules, you can right-click on the INBOX folder 
name, then select [Apply Rules of “INBOX”] to move existing messages 
according to your rules.

On 21 Dec 2019, at 11:22, Ken Pope wrote:

> Have just transitioned from a pop mail client to MailMate.  There are 
> some large groups of emails relevant to my research that defy my 
> attempts to capture their characteristics within the smart mailbox 
> descriptors (diverse senders, content, headers, etc., within each 
> research project).  I would like to create a set of “non-smart” 
> mailboxes and simply drag & drop each email into one of those 
> mailboxes whenever it arrives in my inbox & I’ve responded to it. 
>  I’ve been unable to find out how to do this.  Is it possible in 
> MailMate, and if so would someone let me know how to do it (or where 
> to find the instructions)?  Thank you for your help!  Ken

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