[MlMt] Adding header fields to message view (was " attachment in headers display")

Bill Cole mmlist-20120120 at billmail.scconsult.com
Wed Apr 24 13:17:55 EDT 2019

On 24 Apr 2019, at 11:30, Verdon Vaillancourt wrote:

> On 24 Apr 2019, at 11:23, Randall Gellens wrote:
>> On 24 Apr 2019, at 7:49, Verdon Vaillancourt wrote:
>>> Related to this, but not concerning attachments…
>>> Is there a low-level way to hack what is displayed in the header 
>>> area of a message view? Specifically, the company I work for uses 
>>> gmail corporate, and a lot of  ‘delegation’ access to special 
>>> accounts. In other words, I can login to my account and have access 
>>> to send and receive on behalf of some generic accounts like support@ 
>>> and info@ and so on. People using the gmail browser client can see 
>>> what delegate was sending on behalf of that account. I of course 
>>> cannot see that in MailMate. The delegate information is an extra 
>>> field in the message’s header.
>> You want to add a specific header field to the set that is shown in a 
>> message view?  That seems very useful.  I don't see an easy way to do 
>> that.  Perhaps someone else on the list can answer.  (It might be 
>> possible to edit the MmMessagesWebView/stylesheet.css, as mentioned 
>> in https://manual.mailmate-app.com/customization, but I don't know 
>> and have never done it).
>> The View -> Show Raw Message command will show all header fields, but 
>> likely this isn't what you want.
>> --Randall
> Thank you for the reference to the customization page. I’d forgotten 
> that and will look there. Your understanding of the scenario is 
> exactly right. Also thanks for changing the subject of the message. I 
> should know better ;-)

The main file you need to override is 
so you need to create ~/Library/Application 
Support/Resources/Layouts/headersFormatting.plist. You should start with 
a copy of the original and adapt it. You might also need to supplement 
which is done by adding a file with additional parser definitions at 
~/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Resources/specifiers.plist

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