[MlMt] Finger slip deleted a mailbox - how recover?

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Fri Apr 5 09:47:10 EDT 2019

On 2 Apr 2019, at 0:37, Randall Gellens wrote:

> On 1 Apr 2019, at 4:58, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:
>> RENAME is used for simple rename cases, but the fallback is 
>> create+append equivalent to moving between accounts.
> What makes a rename simple vs not simple?  (I've manually renamed 
> mailboxes to change their position in the hierarchy, e.g., A1 RENAME 
> "FOO" "BAR/FOO").

A simple rename is the renaming of a mailbox which has no submailboxes.


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