[MlMt] MM crashes sometimes

Michael Nietzold lists.freron.com at nietzold.com
Wed Apr 3 09:59:59 EDT 2019

in the last days (i don't know exactly when it starts) i have sometimes 
a MM crashing with the "Beachball Of Death"(TM) and i have to kill it.

i don't see when it exactly crashed. most times i think after i clicked 
a link and i come back from chrome to MM - then MM not responds.

how can i help with logfiles? crashreports?

i found around the time of the crash this in Konsole (i removed uuid's):

Mac Analyze:

com.apple.message.domain: com.apple.crashreporter.writereport.hang
com.apple.message.signature: MailMate
com.apple.message.signature2: UNBUNDLED ||| 1.12.4 (5623) ((null))
com.apple.message.signature3: hang
com.apple.message.result: noop
com.apple.message.summarize: YES
SenderMachUUID: xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx


Command:         MailMate
Path:            /Applications/MailMate.app/Contents/MacOS/MailMate
Identifier:      com.freron.MailMate
Process:         MailMate [50516]
Path:            /Applications/MailMate.app/Contents/MacOS/MailMate
         30  signal_handler_thread(void*) + 111 (MailMate + 607363) 
[0x10cb10483] 58-87
            0x10ca7c000 -        0x10cc13fff  com.freron.MailMate 1.12.4 
(5623)          <xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx>  
            0x10d578000 -        0x10d5d9fff  OakProtocols.dylib (0)     
            0x10d691000 -        0x10d6bafff  OakUtilities.dylib (0)     
Responsible:     MailMate [50516]

in user reports i see some MM logs but not from today, only some days 

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