[MlMt] “Notarized” test release of MailMate

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Mon Apr 1 08:35:24 EDT 2019

On 27 Mar 2019, at 13:36, Verdon Vaillancourt wrote:

> On 26 Mar 2019, at 19:33, Randall Gellens wrote:
>> On 25 Mar 2019, at 7:27, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:
>>> The hardened runtime means that MailMate cannot access resources for 
>>> which I have not explicitly requested MailMate to be able to access. 
>>> For example, MailMate can no longer, in any way, access the camera, 
>>> because I have not requested such access in the so-called list of 
>>> entitlements. For now, MailMate only requests access to Contacts, 
>>> Calendar, and AppleScript. The user is still explicitly asked about 
>>> access and access can be declined by the user (just like before).
>> I'm curious what MM does with the calendar?
> There’s a Calendar area in the ‘Command’ menu. It will create an 
> event in your calendar based on. The contents of a selected message… 
> works fairly well.

I realized that this support is done using AppleScript. The Calendar 
entitlement isn't really needed and I've removed it. But the Calendar 
bundle should still work.


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