[MlMt] Finger slip deleted a mailbox - how recover?

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Mon Apr 1 07:58:34 EDT 2019

On 27 Mar 2019, at 0:37, Randall Gellens wrote:

> I wonder if an alternative approach might be worth considering.  For 
> example, instead of nagging with an "Are you sure?" prompt, perhaps 
> keep a list of "recent" mailbox renames, and make that a pane that can 
> be viewed.  That would allow users to undo or re-rename a mailbox.

If going that way, it would be easier to simply support regular undo for 
mailbox renaming.

>> (It would also help if MailMate was better at moving IMAP mailboxes 
>> efficiently which is currently not always the case.)
> Do you use RENAME or do you create the new mailbox and then APPEND the 
> messages?

RENAME is used for simple rename cases, but the fallback is 
create+append equivalent to moving between accounts. Improving this is 
not straightforward, but when/if I do I've noted to also add undo/redo.


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