[MlMt] delete one email clears entire mailbox

Tracy Valleau tracy at dlsi.biz
Thu Aug 30 12:36:20 EDT 2018

My email has been 100% reliable for a decade now. So has MailMate, 

The last couple of betas 5511-16 (I think)  have twice done this:

As I was going thru my inbox, deleting emails one by one, suddenly the 
entire contest of the  inbox, more than a dozen emails in each case, 
disappeared. The first time I thought it was a fluke and ignored it. 
Today I investigated.

First I looked thru Mailmate. No where to be found.

Then I went to webmail (my mail is provided by Dreamhost) and found them 
in the inbox, each one greyed out... apparently marked as read.

I unmarked two that I wanted to keep (the rest I didn't care about) and 
marked them as "unread". They immediately appeared in MM's inbox.

NONE of the greyed-out ones appeared in MM anywhere.

Then a few seconds (15 or so) later, they -did- appear again in the 
inbox, marked as read.

The sudden disappearance of the contents of the ibox is more than a 
little disconcerting of course.  I would have let it go as a 
one-time-thing... until it happened again this morning.


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