[MlMt] Tag completion upper/lower case confusion

Eric Sharakan esharakan at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 12:37:18 EDT 2018

Unfortunately, I just encountered issue #1 again, exactly as originally 

The first one is intermittent.  Sometimes, when entering a tag, it seems 
that tag completion will
take an uppercase character I enter and convert it to lower case (even 
if there are no matching
tags with the lower case letter).  For instance, I'm trying to enter 
"TODO", one of my configured
tags.  The first character I enter is 'T', at which point I'm offered 
several completion
suggestions, including "TODO".  But if I next type 'O', what ends up in 
the field is "tO", not
"TO", and no completions are suggested (as I have no tags that begin 
with "t").  I can continue
typing the remaining letters of "TODO", but it still thinks I'm entering 
"tODO" and will not
recognize it as my existing "TODO" tag.

As I said, this happens extremely intermittently.  I believe one trigger 
is if I had previously
mistyped a tag, and when the warning window pops up asking if I want to 
create a new tag, I hit
Cancel.  Once in this state, sometimes leaving MM alone for a while and 
doing other things clears
it; other times I have to restart MM to get it working right.

And yes, I had previously dismissed a request to create a new tag when 
messing around testing your fixes.


On 24 Aug 2018, at 11:41, Eric Sharakan wrote:

> On 24 Aug 2018, at 4:11, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:
>> On 22 Jul 2018, at 18:19, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:
>>> On 19 Jul 2018, at 16:18, Eric Sharakan wrote:
>>>> Hi, I have two issues with tag completion, that I suspect might be 
>>>> variations of the same problem.  These have been plaguing me for 
>>>> months, but I finally think I've got it characterized well enough 
>>>> to accurately describe.
>>> I believe I can reproduce both issues. I've noted them as bugs to 
>>> fix.
>> Just for the record, I *believe* these issues are fixed in the latest 
>> couple of test releases.
> I can confirm this "second" issue:
> ```
> The second issue is 100% reproducible for me: say I want to create a 
> new tag named "tx".  I type a
> lower case 't', but it is immediately converted to upper case 'T' and 
> I'm offered my set of
> completions that start with "T".  As I said, I have no configured tags 
> that begin with lower case
> 't'.  The switch to the upper case T persists, so even if I type "tx", 
> I get "Tx".  This makes it
> completely impossible for me to enter any new tag that begins with "t" 
> via this method.
> ```
> is now resolved.  The first one was very intermittent, so I'll just 
> take your word for it. :-)
> Thanks.
> -Eric

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