[MlMt] Okta support

Kee Hinckley kee at hinckley.com
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This assumes you’re using Office365. Although the third option applies to
both cloud and local Exchange.

The issue is that (last I checked) Office365 does not support third party
authentication systems via IMAP. They *did* recently add support for IP
whitelists for IMAP, so there are two options you can try to get IT to
take. One is to configure your account to use one time passwords for Office
access. The other is to whitelist your office IP addresses for IMAP (and
you’ll then have to use a VPN to read mail when you’re out of the office,
and the VPN will have to route a large number of potential Office IMAP
addresses). We started with the first, and then moved to the second when MS
added support.

The third option would be to get someone to add Okta support to DavMail,
which provides a local proxy on your desktop for IMAP/LDAP/SMTP/POP3  to
Exchange via the EWS protocol. That’s written in Java and open source, so
it should be possible on that side. And I believe Office365 EWS _does_
support Okta.

If you have any Linux desktop users, gang up with them as they’ll be in the
same boat and webmail is not an adequate solution in an office environment.

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I'll look into it and see if I can find anything useful. IIRC, MM's written
> in ObjC (I'll proceed with that assumption, unless you'd prefer a different
> language).
> On 23 Aug 2018, at 10:35, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:
> On 21 Aug 2018, at 17:39, Marco Qualizza wrote:
> Recently (i.e. effective today), corporate email switched to using MFA w/
> Okta. Is it possible to configure Mailmate to access email in this
> environment, or am I stuck using Outlook?
> I think this came up on the mailing list about a year ago, but no solution
> was found (and I didn't change anything in MailMate).
> If someone finds out how MailMate could work with Okta then let me know.
> That is, some kind of resource on how Okta can work with IMAP and OAuth2 (I
> think).
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