[MlMt] prepurchase questions from a disabled user?

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Thu Aug 9 10:38:28 EDT 2018

On 8 Aug 2018, at 0:06, Maurice Mines wrote:

> The first question is is it possible to create messages with blind 
> carbon copies in terms of mailing to a group of people but for 
> legality and privacy reasons I cannot share everyone’s address?

There's a popup menu available for changing the displayed headers in the 
composer. It can be opened using “Format ▸ Show Headers” 
(⌃⌘H), but the easiest way to display infrequently used headers is 
to hit ⌥+enter when in the To: header. That opens the Cc: header. 
Hitting it again opens the Bcc: header.

> What do I do with my iCloud email addresses, boxes that have two 
> factor authentication  set up? Is there an easy way to enable those 
> boxes.

Only Apple can make setting up iCloud email addresses easy. Third party 
applications must use application specific passwords.

> The final question, how easy is it to add new sub boxes to the main 
> box when I went to stay a group of email messages, such as all of the 
> important messages for an entire quarter for instance?

There are different ways to do it, but I think I would prefer to use 
tagging. The interface is opened by hitting the `t` key. Unknown tags 
are automatically created. Archive all emails in the same folder and 
then use the Tagged smart mailbox to access the groups of emails.

There are other ways to do it of course, but MailMate doesn't make it 
particularly easy to create new IMAP mailboxes (you need to select an 
IMAP mailbox and then use the “Mailbox ▸ New IMAP Mailbox” menu 
item to create a submailbox). After that, moving emails is easy using 
the ⌥⌘T shortcut.

I hope this helps.

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