[MlMt] How to apply default columns settings ?

Bill Cole mmlist-20120120 at billmail.scconsult.com
Tue Aug 7 13:33:42 EDT 2018

On 7 Aug 2018, at 11:01, Laurent Ferracci wrote:

> On 5 Aug 2018, at 1:50, Robert Brenstein wrote:
>> Is the other mailbox set up to use default columns?
> How do you set it for default ? Isn’t « revert to default 
> columns » intended to do that ?


> What i’m doing is to select a mailbox, then click to « revert to 
> default columns ». But this doens’t change anything to the view.

Unfortunately, this MAY be a case of a bug that has been discussed here 
and in bug reports #1369, #1825, and #2045. Benny has said he is going 
to address with a complete refactoring of how column settings are saved. 
The only known current workaround is to quit MM, run this command in a 
Terminal session:

     defaults delete com.freron.MailMate MmMailboxRelatedStates

And when you restart MM, your column settings will be entirely reset to 
the original defaults. You can then change your personal default and 
per-mailbox settings and they will work as designed until something 
unknown happens and confuses MM into doing the wrong thing again.

I've poked this bug for MUCH too long trying to find a way out of the 
broken state that doesn't discard all of my customizations and 
determined that there's some sort of complex inheritance model involved. 
In some cases I was able to un-break an individual mailbox that wouldn't 
act correctly by setting its whole upstream lineage of folders including 
(for IMAP "Source" mailboxes) the top-level account node to use the 
default columns, but even that was not always a fix.

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