[MlMt] How to Decrypt / Context Menu Services

Chris Hoofnagle choofnagle at berkeley.edu
Wed May 3 08:03:34 EDT 2017

Hi All, am loving Mailmate. Have a noobish question and cannot find an 
answer in the fora:

1) How can one decrypt gpg-encrypted messages? It’s very easy to click 
the lock when sending. But once a message has been received, how does 
one trigger a decryption dialogue?

2) With Apple Mail, I could decrypt by right clicking, getting the 
contextual menu, and selecting “OpenPGP: Decrypt Selection.” 
However, when I select this Shortcut in Preferences>Keyboard>Shortcuts, 
it does not appear in Mailmate’s contextual menu. Instead shortcuts to 
other services appear, such as “New MacVim Buffer With Selection.” 
Not sure why some services appear and others do not :)

Any advice? I have GPGtools installed and can trigger the decrypt 
selection from other apps, such as MacVim :)

Thank you, Chris
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