[MlMt] BusyContacts and MailMate integration

Blayne Puklich blayne at puklich.com
Tue May 2 10:04:35 EDT 2017

After experimenting a while with another laptop I had, here’s what I 
figured out.

Near as I can tell, through the migrations I’ve done from laptop to 
laptop and OS to OS over the years, some sort of corruption was 
introduced. I didn’t nail down if it was at the OS level or within an 
individual user account.

I do know that a fresh install of El Capitan or Sierra, with a brand new 
user account that is logged in to iCloud (simply to grab all the 
accounts and Contacts and such), a fresh install of MailMate and 
BusyContacts all will work together wonderfully. All that is needed is a 
switch to MailMate as the default email client, and turning on Spotlight 
indexing in the MailMate prefs.

So, the MailMate/BusyContacts integration still works. If anyone is 
finding theirs does not, and you’ve done a few Apple migrations from 
laptop to laptop, chances are you’ve got some of the same corruption I 

What I did was just rebuild this laptop with what I currently need. 
It’s good practice anyways to do that occasionally because you’ll 
find that half the crap you have is not necessary!

All of the rogue Application choices in the email and web browser client 
popups come from old “Applications (Parallels)” folders that are 
left on the drive. Removing those and rebuilding the launch services 
database makes them go away.

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On 28 Apr 2017, at 7:24, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

> On 26 Apr 2017, at 2:23, Blayne Puklich wrote:
>> I’ve trudged through the mailing list archives and done quite a bit 
>> of Googling to try and figure out why the BusyContacts and MailMate 
>> integration doesn’t work. BusyContacts just won’t show email 
>> activity.
>> Indexing is enabled in MailMate. The Custom Location is enabled and 
>> left as the home directory.
> For the record, enabling indexing should be sufficient for this to 
> work. (And I just tried and it appears to work for me with 
> BusyContacts.)
>> Spotlight finds emails just fine via multiple searches - name, email 
>> address, etc.
>> MailMate is the default mailer.
>> .eml files open with MailMate.
>> I even logged out of iCloud and back in, just for kicks.
> iCloud should not play a part in this.
>> Is this working for anyone else? Any other things for me to try? 
>> Thanks much in advance!
> Maybe the problem with the many options in the email client popup is 
> somehow related (although I don't know how). You might want to try 
> resetting [launch 
> services](https://www.tekrevue.com/tip/rebuild-launchservices-fix-duplicate-entries-os-xs-open-menu/).
> -- 
> Benny
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