[MlMt] message keep reappearing in junk

Robert Brenstein mailmate at learning-insights.eu
Tue May 2 07:37:22 EDT 2017

Has anyone seen this?  I have several messages from a specific user that 
MM insists on shifting to the Junk mailbox. I marked them manually as 
not junk. I told MM to take them out of the Junk mailbox, which it did. 
They were out for a while. Then they reappeared in Junk. I repeated that 
a few times. Now they are back in the Junk mailbox again. Still not 
junk. Flags are \seen or \answered and \seen. Just 6 messages from one 
user. Really odd. I have no actions that would move any messages to Junk 
(that I know of).

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