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Tue Jun 13 10:09:19 EDT 2017

On 13 Jun 2017, at 15:49, Marco Carmosino wrote:

> For whatever it's worth, another application of javascript in MM web 
> view executed on plain-text messages is rendering equations. My 
> friends often send me markdown sprinkled with latex, and if I could 
> run mathjax in MM web view, this would make a lot of my email _way_ 
> more readable. Nicely rendered equations instead of stuff like 
> `$g_{i,j}(z) = f(z|_{S_{i}})$` scattered all over would make my life a 
> lot easier. Heck, this would probably help me sell a few copies of 
> mailmate -- email with readable equations is a killer feature for 
> mathematicians, and currently there's _no_ good solution for this 
> anywhere.

MailMate doesn't use MathJax exactly because of its reliance on 
Javascript, but MailMate does support the use of MathML. Its usefulness 
depends on the receiving email client, but it works quite well in 


It can also be used inline, ``a^2 + b^2 = c^2``. There's both a TeX 
variant and an ASCIIMath variant.

It is documented 

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