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Chuck Grimsley 95omega at gmail.com
Sat Jun 10 08:34:43 EDT 2017

This is great!  I’ll give this a try.  Thank you!


On 10 Jun 2017, at 2:02, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

> On 10 Jun 2017, at 7:35, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:
>> It is possible to do this using a bundle command, but as I've stated 
>> before then this is very badly documented. (There's a great effort by 
>> someone else to write down some of the 
>> [details](http://1klb.com/posts/2016/02/26/mailmate-bundles/).)
>> If I find the time I'll make an example bundle for you.
> I've attached a proof of concept. Unarchive the file and place it here 
> (you'll need to create the `Bundles` folder):
> 	/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Bundles/
> Then you should see an “Equivalent” submenu in the Command menu 
> which contains a single command. This command enables the IMAP keyword 
> “Equivalent” if the from/to addresses are the same.
> You might want to create a tag in the Tags preferences pane based on 
> this IMAP keyword to more easily play around with this feature.
> Now you just need to create a rule for your Inbox which has a single 
> action:
> ![](cid:6EEC2CFF-09FB-4E8E-B3D7-3D733A49FB84 at freron.com "Screen Shot 
> 2017-06-10 at 07.59.28.png")
> The idea is now that you create a smart mailbox which only shows 
> messages with the “Equivalent” IMAP keyword. Alternatively, you 
> can create a rule which moves messages to a different IMAP folder.
> I hope this helps.
> -- 
> Benny

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