[MlMt] DeleteMessage: from single-message window doesn't seem to work right

Mike Petonic petonic at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 6 10:58:57 EDT 2017

On 6 Jun 2017, at 7:51, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

> On 17 May 2017, at 2:26, Mike Petonic wrote:
>> [deletion in single message window]
>> ... MM always behaves as if "none" were the value of the key 
>> "MmMessagesOutlineMoveStrategy".
> The outline strategy is not applied because the message is deleted in 
> a window which only has a single message. The “link” between the 
> mailbox window and the single message window is quite weak which also 
> affects other things including undo behavior.
> I've tried to improve this a bit in the latest test release 
> (1.9.6r5378). You are welcome to try that out.

Thanks, Benny.  This new test release seems to give me the desired 
behavior in the simple tests that I've run.

Much appreciated!

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