[MlMt] cannot send email via fastmail in mailmate

Guy Boanas guyb at fastmail.fm
Mon Jul 3 20:14:40 EDT 2017

I had this problem a few days back with both my fastmail and gmail 
accounts showing the same. A Fastmail person was very helpful and after 
following instructions the problem ended. He suggested:

reconfigure the email client from scratch:
   - Delete all existing email client settings
   - Reboot/restart the machine
   - Reconfigure it from scratch using the server details here:
   - Make sure that you delete the existing app password for the client 
from your account and create a new one while reconfiguring the client.

The screenshot on the FM site for mailmate configuration shows no 
numbers for the ports when actually they are required and this is 
mentioned in other of their documents. I think it was this confusion 
plus some caching issues which were causing problems.

On 4 Jul 2017, at 3:42, Megan Price wrote:

> Hello all - I am currently unable to send mail through mail mate using 
> my fastmail account.  I have followed the fast mail documentation for 
> setting up my imap and smtp servers and have generated and am using an 
> app password.  I can receive mail sent to my fast mail account, and I 
> can both send and receive mail via my gmail account.  But I cannot 
> send mail through mail mate via my fast mail account.  I do not 
> receive any error messages, the messages just sit in my draft box 
> forever.
> Interestingly, some of the messages do display a progress bar under 
> the “state” column, but it never actually makes progress.  Other 
> messages display “pending submission” under state.  All display 
> “not available” under the pending submission column.
> I have reviewed these two topics:
> https://www.mail-archive.com/mailmate@lists.freron.com/msg03175.html
> https://www.mail-archive.com/mailmate@lists.freron.com/msg03355.html
> And have tried sending with the Activity log open.  In the log under 
> smtp I get flashes of “AUTH PLAIN” and “AUTH LOGIN”.  In both 
> the log and the file ~/Library/Application\ 
> Support/MailMate/Sources.plist) my smtp address contains an odd %40 in 
> the middle of my address.  I've checked and edited the mailbox 
> settings a number of times, and this does not actually appear in the 
> editable settings that I can see.
> Thanks for any guidance.
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