[MlMt] Inline image in signature - how to?

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Tue Jan 31 10:18:51 EST 2017

On 26 Jan 2017, at 21:12, Thomas Nyman wrote:

> I’m having some difficulties creating a signature with an inline 
> image.
> I understand that I need to use img src=’cid:id’

That's true in the sense that this is probably what works best most of 
the time if the goal is to have the image displayed as often as 

> I have generated a base64 code for my image.

That would be taken care of by MailMate since this happens for all image 
attachments. The problem is that MailMate does not provide any way to 
automatically add an image to all outgoing messages. I'm also not sure 
many email clients do provide that (but I don't really know). The image 
should also be added differently than normal attachments (technically, 
it should used `multipart/related` instead of `multipart/mixed`).

With regard to `base64` you are probably thinking of `data:` URIs, but 
these don't work well in general. Here's a good 
on the subject of embedding images in emails.

> I have also made other needs html code. However I can’t figure out 
> how to use the Content-ID to reference the source for the image.
> I’m hoping someone could possibly give me a helping hand.

I'm afraid there are no good options and the “best” option is not 
supported by MailMate (`multipart/related` mentioned above). Personally, 
I'm not a fan of embedded images, because it's a somewhat silly waste of 
space. Images take up much more space than text and they are going to be 
in every email going forward and back taking up space on both servers 
and personal computers.

Therefore, if you must have an image in your signature then put an image 
on a server and link to it using `https:`. Some email clients are going 
to block it by default, but the other options are not going to work much 
better. It might also be a benefit that grumpy email client users like 
me can then still use disk space for something else than signatures :)

I hope that wasn't too negative. I don't use HTML signatures, but I 
implemented them because it was required by quote of lot of employers of 
MailMate users -- it was simply beyond their control. I could possibly 
also be talked into supporting `multipart/related` images for 
signatures, but it would have to be for a similar reason.

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