[MlMt] Trash or Deleted Messages?

Alain Israel aisrael at pasteur.fr
Mon Jan 23 07:35:29 EST 2017

Thanks, I’ll try to sort these mailboxes, and eliminate duplicates (in 
addition I have some called Sent, some Envoyés (french for Sent), in 
brief there are far too many).

On 23 Jan 2017, at 13:21, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

> On 23 Jan 2017, at 13:11, Alain Israel wrote:
>> I have a related question : I use Mailmate on the Mac, and Spark on 
>> the iphone : when I send a message using Spark, a copy goes to a 
>> Spark mailbox called Sent, which is different from the « Sent 
>> messages » mailbox of Mailmate. The message is not lost on Mailmate 
>> as it appears in a separate mailbox appropriately called Sent (which 
>> is not one of the obligatory Mailmate mailboxes). How can I reconcile 
>> these 2 conflicting behaviors, knowing that the Maimate mailbox 
>> « Sent Messages » does not exist in Spark?
> Select the “Sent” mailbox within the IMAP account (under SOURCES) 
> and give it the “Sent Messages” mailbox type. Then move all emails 
> from the old mailbox used for sent messages in MailMate to Sent 
> instead. Finally, delete the now empty and unused mailbox for sent 
> messages in the account.
> I'll try to re-iterate: MailMate does not require any particular 
> mailbox to be used for sent messages (or any of the other standard 
> mailboxes). **If** the server or some other email client enforces the 
> use of some specific mailbox then MailMate can be told to use the same 
> one.
> It's naturally a problem if the server and some email client enforces 
> two different choices and neither is configurable, but there's nothing 
> MailMate can do about that.
> I hope that makes it a bit clearer :)
> -- 
> Benny

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