[MlMt] Export/Import/Sync Mailbox Conditions/Rules, etc.?

Jim McCarty huckncatch at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 01:43:38 EST 2017

Hi all,

Did a little poking around and found the Mailboxes.plist file in the 
Application Support folder. Taking a look at the format, it appears I 
can take any filter/action sets and transfer them to the other computer 
(though I hope I can transfer the data I need outside of any UUID, 
keeping those straight would be a nightmare). I'll see if I can set 
aside some time to investigate right if I don't hear anything from you 

While looking at the [Mailboxes.plist](http://i.imgur.com/7cnz4XJ.png) 
file, I noticed the actions for the first rule attached to All Messages 
did not have the same parameters the other rules had 
([disc.png](http://i.imgur.com/Ul2cLZD.png) and 
[paleo.png](http://i.imgur.com/tQKWJxd.png) -- I also verified the same 
on my other computer). I *have* noticed some messages that should have 
been caught with the first rule showing up in my Inbox, not Archived. I 
haven't really tried to figure out that problem, maybe this is a likely 
cause? I tried adding/removing other actions and viewing the resulting 
changes in the plist and it looks like the moveMessage type in the first 
rule loses the mailbox specifier.

Anyway, would love to hear if anyone else has dabbled in this area?

Thanks, Jim

On 3 Jan 2017, at 16:02, Jim McCarty wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have a home computer and a work computer where I use MailMate and 
> now that I'm getting more into the awesome customization I can do, I 
> find myself taking work I do on one computer (setting up smart 
> mailboxes, tweaking rules and conditions, etc.) and needing to 
> duplicate that on the other computer so I have a "unified" email 
> experience.
> Is there a way to move these configurations from one computer to the 
> other? I don't mind doing some manual work like grabbing an xml file, 
> making manual changes to tweak an already established file, or what 
> have you.
> Thanks, Jim
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