[MlMt] PGP Usage & Untrusted Keys

Robert M. Münch robert.muench at saphirion.com
Tue Jan 3 10:59:09 EST 2017

On 3 Jan 2017, at 15:45, David Ledger wrote:

> If you signed and trusted the key yourself then that trust only applies to you, no-one else can have that trust. The message may be reflecting its ‘trustability’ by others.

Hi, the GPG Keychain shows it as fully trusted (which makes sense for my context) and would show it "untrusted" for others. Since I expect the same "check approach" it should yield "trusted" to MM as well.

> It also gives a heads-up as to why opening a list message from you makes MailMate become unresponsive for a full two minutes, eventually giving the error:
> 	Unable to verify signature for OpenPGP message.
> 	No public key could be found for verifying the message signature.

Thanks, for the pointer. I just switched key-server and published my pubic-key. You can see it here:


> with a ‘Show Details’ button. Clicking that gives
> 	ERRSIG E12C4810802DFEF0 1 10 01 1483446639 9
> 	NO_PUBKEY E12C4810802DFEF0
> after another two minutes, for the message I’m replying to.

Which indicates a time-out. Can you please re-try? The new key upload should already have spread to all the different key-servers.

> I’m using GPG rather than OpenPGP if that matters.

Me too.


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