[MlMt] High Sierra, APFS, Time Machine, and MailMate...

Charlie Garrison charlie-lists at garrison.com.au
Mon Dec 11 16:38:24 EST 2017

Good morning,

On 12 Dec 2017, at 1:42, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

> I was going to suggest leaving out the index 
> (the `Database.noindex` folder) since that doesn't behave well with 
> Time Machine.

Could you please expand on that? What is the issue with backing up the 
index? Is it something specific to Time Machine or backups in general?

More importantly, is it an issue that snapshots will solve?

(I’m doing a custom backup of just MailMate, specifically so I don’t 
lose the index; rebuilding it is NOT fun. It seems to work just fine but 
maybe I’m missing some hidden problems.)



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