[MlMt] Gmail stars vs flags

Robert Brenstein mailmate at learning-insights.eu
Fri Dec 8 15:48:18 EST 2017

On 8 Dec 2017, at 20:33, Bill Cole wrote:

>> My testing shows that the standard flags are working as expected but 
>> custom flags (tags in MM) are not — I mean they are not transferred 
>> to another computer. They wrote that CGP supports custom flags 
>> $Label1, $Label2 und $Label3  (only 3?).
> As of CGP v6.1.16 that was true. I have backed up messages with 
> $Label1 (mapped to a client name in MM) set on both of my Macs, so I'm 
> certain that at least 1 of the 3 worked for me with MM & CGP within 
> the past year. Given how CGP implements flags for its file-per-message 
> storage model (which is highly accessible to 3rd-party tools) I would 
> not expect them to support arbitrary user-defined flags any time soon.
> One problem in the CGP world complicating the problem is that the 
> licensing model encourages sites to stick with older versions 
> indefinitely even though only the current x.y version gets any sort of 
> support, enhancement, or bug fix work. As a result, there are far 
> worse problems than weird IMAP keyword support frozen in place on 
> obsolete CGP systems still being used. I'm not sure exactly when CGP 
> got the fixed keyword support it has but I vaguely recall that 4.x 
> (which still exists in the wild) only supported the core standard 
> flags.

It seems they are running GCP 6.1.18 and from what you are saying, I 
gather that I have to learn to live with only the standard flags on this 

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