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Sat May 28 09:19:43 EDT 2016

On 27 May 2016, at 16:56, Mike Petonic wrote:

> For myself, my priorities would be:
> * $30 - "makeNewViewerWindow:" binding that could be used in compound 
> key bindings.

I've answered this in another email although it might not be exactly 
what you were looking for.

> * $10 - "recenterLine:" to recenter the currently viewed message in a 
> message list binding (works in normal Cocoa programs).

Late April I added this:

* New: Added `centerSelectionInVisibleArea:` for the mailbox/message 
lists (bound to ⌃L by default).

This did not do what you were looking for?

> * $50 - Programmatic way to access messages (and message components 
> such as Subject, Body, etc) using some API.  Either Applescript (via 
> the performCommand binding) or whatever.  This would allow me to 
> duplicate some of my workflows from Mail.app

It's possible to create a custom bundle command which can then be 
triggered using the `perform` AppleScript command, but I know that it 
would also be useful if there was more direct access via AppleScript -- 
especially when adapting existing scripts. I'll give it some more 

> The bounties shouldn't be the only factor that Benny should use.  I 
> would hate to see MM evolve into a purely "bourgeois" model where 
> those with the most amount of money get a voice in feature requests.

I assure you that if I was motivated only by money then MailMate simply 
wouldn't exist :)

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