[MlMt] Feature Request: select next/previous mailbox in view history

Benjamin Coddington bcodding at redhat.com
Fri May 27 05:23:07 EDT 2016

Hi Matt,  I use "g" = "goToMailbox:" in my keybindings, and a little 
muscle memory helps me switch between my most frequent 4 or 5 mailboxes 
very quickly.  No history, so a little different than what you're 
looking for, but still it is a very fast way to switch mailboxes.


On 26 May 2016, at 15:55, Matt Gray wrote:

> I use Slack a fair amount, and I've grown to love the ability to 
> rapidly move forwards and backwards through a history of channels I 
> have recently viewed, using keyboard shortcuts (⌘[ and ⌘]).
> The MailMate analog to a channel in Slack is a mailbox, I think. 
> Imagine a pair of selectors that function like selectNextMailbox: and 
> selectPreviousMailbox:, but instead of operating on the sorted order 
> of mailboxes in the mailbox pane, it would traverse your "mailbox view 
> history" which MailMate would maintain in memory, behind the scenes. 
> The selectors (for sake of example) could be 
> selectNextMailboxInHistory: and selectPreviousMailboxInHistory:.
> Is there a way to accomplish this behavior with MailMate's current 
> beta?
> If not, would other MailMate users find a navigable mailbox view 
> history useful for hopping between mailboxes?
> --
> Matt
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