[MlMt] Feature Request: select next/previous mailbox in view history

Matt Gray rrazor at gmail.com
Thu May 26 15:55:22 EDT 2016

I use Slack a fair amount, and I've grown to love the ability to rapidly 
move forwards and backwards through a history of channels I have 
recently viewed, using keyboard shortcuts (⌘[ and ⌘]).

The MailMate analog to a channel in Slack is a mailbox, I think. Imagine 
a pair of selectors that function like selectNextMailbox: and 
selectPreviousMailbox:, but instead of operating on the sorted order of 
mailboxes in the mailbox pane, it would traverse your "mailbox view 
history" which MailMate would maintain in memory, behind the scenes. The 
selectors (for sake of example) could be selectNextMailboxInHistory: and 

Is there a way to accomplish this behavior with MailMate's current beta?

If not, would other MailMate users find a navigable mailbox view history 
useful for hopping between mailboxes?


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