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... You can do a threaded inbox in MailMate using a smart mailbox. I had that for a while before I made the three pane solution :) Make a smart mailbox where you search for messages in "all messages" whose thread ID is in the unified inbox, then, add sub mailboxes "by account" to the smart mailbox -- Done!  You can edit mailboxes.plist to add a nice icon as well :)  I'll try to remember to send some screenshots when I get to my computer.   

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On 27 May 2016 at 05:43:53 GMT+2, Kee Hinckley <kee at hinckley.com> wrote:   First of all, I just want to say that Benny is amazing. I wrote one of the first multimedia email applications on Unix a long time ago, and for many years I've considered doing a more modern one. MailMate makes that moot. It's an amazing application, and with the new HTML features coming down the road, it's even more so.  Secondly, I want to say that I've put my money where my mouth is, and I'd like to encourage everyone else to do the same. I live in email, and I'm sure many of you do. Benny is making his living doing a really hard thing; writing an application that competes with something that's available for free. MailMate will always be a niche application targeted at hardcore mail users, and we need to support that. When MailMate started supporting the features I needed to use it at work I bought several extra licenses I didn't need. Because I need this application, and I need Benny to be able to make a good living supporting it. It was wonderful that I was able to hack MailMate to work with HTML mail before. It's even more wonderful that I don't have to anymore. If you find MailMate invaluable for your work—and I know many of you do—please contribute more.  Thirdly, I want to put out a bounty for the one feature I'm missing. I'll pitch in an additional $100 when MailMate supports sorting threaded messages sorted by the most recent item in the thread. It's the one thing missing for me to use sorting by threads in my inbox. Right now I use a very nice three pane solution someone provided (and it's amazing that MailMate can be extended that way), that puts a separate "sort by subject" pane to one side, and I leave my inbox simply sorted by date, without grouping. That's almost what I want, but not quite. I'd like to have my inbox display threads with the most recent messages first, so that if someone replies to something three weeks ago (and they do a lot), it doesn't get lost in my 4000 message Inbox. If you feel similarly, please pledge your support. And I encourage Benny to set up a way for people to vote for feature with their wallet. This is an amazing product, and I can't work without it.  Thank you Benny.      _______________________________________________mailmate mailing listmailmate at lists.freron.comhttps://lists.freron.com/listinfo/mailmate    
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