[MlMt] Urgent: inbox discrepancy

Howard Wettstein howie at ucr.edu
Thu May 12 10:38:34 EDT 2016

I’l work on it later this am. Meanwhile, Apple Mail shows not 138 
messages as you saw, but rather 583 messages in the inbox, with 420 

On 12 May 2016, at 2:58, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

> On 11 May 2016, at 22:43, Howard Wettstein wrote:
>> Benny, Thanks for your attention to this. I did check; found a 
>> message in the Inbox of Apple Mail. I had previously moved it to a 
>> folder using Mailmate.
> The logs show that there really is 138 messages in the INBOX. This 
> means the problem is likely to be MailMate (since it only shows you 5 
> messages).
>> and I checked and found it in the right folder.
> I assume you checked in MailMate. If you enable the UID column (View 
> ▸ Columns) then I would expect that this message has no UID. This 
> means that the move has not been completed (synchronized with the 
> server).
>> So Mailmate moved it properly.
> Not really :( We need to figure out why MailMate does not complete the 
> move. I can see that Gmail throttles your traffic. This indicates some 
> kind of looping behavior — maybe related to a very large number of 
> mailboxes. It also means that you have persistent spinners in the 
> mailbox list.
> I suggest you take most of your mailboxes offline in the account 
> (again to simplify the issue). Hold down ⌥ when you expand the Gmail 
> account under SOURCES to expand the entire hierarchy. Then use ⇧ to 
> select all of the mailboxes in the account and then use “Mailbox ▸ 
> Take Offline”. Finally, take the INBOX online and maybe the 
> destination mailbox of the moved message. Then wait to see if this 
> synchronizes (spinners stop and the message gets a UID).
> Oh, and don't send your logs to the list. They could contain sensitive 
> data (mailbox names, email addresses, etc.).
> I hope this wasn't too unclear.
> -- 
> Benny
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